Seasonledelsea t20 game 116 – Continental CC V Rising Stars
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ledelsea t20 game 116 – Continental CC V Rising Stars

Weather and Playing Conditions

The match was played at Fair Oaks East with clear skies and mild temperatures, offering excellent conditions for cricket. The pitch was well-prepared, providing a good balance for both batting and bowling.

Key Moments and Performances

The game ended in a thrilling tie with both teams scoring 122 runs. Continental CC’s innings featured a top score of 42 by Vinay Yerravalli, while Rising Stars’ top scorer was Prakash Jha with 35 runs. Key bowling performances included Ritesh Kumar and Vipul Deshpande, each taking two wickets for Rising Stars.


Both teams struggled to capitalize on starts, with several players failing to convert promising innings into more substantial scores. Additionally, the match saw a number of extras conceded, which could have been decisive in such a closely matched game.

Recommendations for Improvement

Both teams could benefit from improved batting discipline to convert starts into significant innings. Tightening up on the delivery to reduce extras could also be crucial in close matches. Moreover, focusing on building and sustaining partnerships could lead to more consistent team performances

T20 Title Sponsor LEDELSEA

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